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Who we are:

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SPIsys is the vision of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform in partnership with the Free State and Northern Cape Provincial Governments.

The main goal is to enable the vision of the National Department which is to create Vibrant, Equitable and Sustainable Rural Communities,

by assisting with the real time linking of Provincial Sector Departments to enable good governance through making decisions based on live data.


Offices Address

Directorate Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services: Free State  Directorate Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services: Northern Cape

Provincial Office: Bloemfontein

73 Aliwal Street, Omni Centrum, Ground Floor

Tel no: 051 410 5800

e-Mail: splumsfreestate@drdlr.gov.za

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Provincial Office: Kimberley

30 Du Toitspan Road, Liberty Building, 3rd Floor

Tel no: 053 832 5476

e-Mail: liezel.ahjum@drdlr.gov.za

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More about us

The Spatial Planning Information system or SPIsys is an online GIS (Geographic Information System) and provides both Government and private users with up-to- date data in an interactive environment to enable a IGR cooperative. SPIsys firstly enables the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 by ensuring information for integrated Spatial Planning is available to those who use it. It is accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet. The eLodgement environment which is provided to all Local Municipalities in Free State and Northern Cape provinces allow for all development to be lodged thus ensuring world class service to investors whom seek to invest in the participating Municipalities. The system enables SDFs (Spatial Development Frameworks on National, Provincial, Regional and Local levels), LUS (Land Use Schemes) and fully automate the development application process.


To ensure a enabling national Land Use Management, Spatial Planning and Spatial Information Systems is provided.


Support Municipalities in the provisioning of a legislative, institutional and technical skills support to regulate land use management, spatial planning and spatial information management within the public and private sectors.

Strategic Objectives

Support Municipalities to provisioning of efficient land use and land administration services.


The Directorates: Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Services Free State and Northern Cape are responsible for establishing an effective and efficient system of spatial planning, land use management and a spatial information framework to support development of all spheres of government in the respective Provinces.

Why would SPISYS work for our Provinces?

  • Easy to use (securely on the internet)
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Unrestricted multi-user access
  • High speed dedicated server
  • Full integration for spatial & a/n data
  • Master Indicator Management
  • User roles & responsibilities with accountability
  • Managed business processes
  • "Essence" dashboards for decision-making
  • Coordinated & cooperative governance. 



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Spatial Planning and Land Use Management

Purpose: To provide for spatial planning and land use management.


1. Develop policy and standards, provide support and monitor implementation of SPLUM legislation and capacitate planning institutions
2. Provide spatial planning information and environmental planning services
3. Provide integrated spatial planning support
4. Manage projects at Branch level
5. Provide programme management support
6. Provide service delivery coordination services

Chief Directorates

Chief Directorate: Planning Facilitation
Chief Directorate: Integrated Spatial Planning
Chief Directorate: Spatial Development Planning  



    Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act No. 16 of 2013 Booklet


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Frequently Asked Questions

To who does SPIsys and or e-Lodgement belong?

SPIsys the system was developed for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and we own the product. The e-Lodgement system is done for the Local Municipalities of the two pilot Provinces and each Municipal site, with its data below the relevant Local Municipality. The Directorate SPLUMS, in each province, only assist the relevant municipality to host it, which is done strictly in accordance to the SPLUMA and By-law of the respective municipality.

Who has the responsibility of SPLUMA?

The implementation of SPLUMA is shared between the three spheres of Government and various National and Provincial Departments; each has a responsibility vested in it.